Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Trail of Hope

I hope you will take the time and read these reader boards that I've posted...'Trail of Hope' is a list of 29 reader boards of true stories from the individual's journals as they prepared to leave Nauvoo and move West to the unknown...I would have loved to have posted all the reader boards  but just don't have enough room...Please take the time and read them if you can...the stories are so touching...
"The Journey West...Excodus to Greatness"
The sign reads as follows:
"1846 Began the Mormon exodus from Nauvoo. Leaving behind their homes, beautiful city, family and friends who they quite possibly would never see again in this life. As they journeyed west, they recorded their feelings and experiences in personal journals. From these journals we get a sense of what it would have been like to have traveled with them...Some selected writings from these journals are reproduced on the signs along this trail to the river."

"Our camp resounded with songs of joy and praise to God-all were cheerful and happy in the anticipation of finding a resting place from persecution in some of the lonely, solitary valleys of the great interior basin whithersoever, we migh be led."

"The thoughts of leaving my family (for the Mormon Battalion) at this time are indescribable.  My family consisted of a wife and two small children, who were left in the company with an aged father and mother and brother.  The most of the battalion left families...when we were to meet with them again, God only knew.  Nevertheless, we did not feel to murmur." 

"He died in my arms about 4 O'clock. This was the second child which I have lost, both dying in my arms. He died with the whooping cough and Blackcanker. We all entirely destitute of anything ever to eat much less to nourish the sick."

"My last act in that precious spot was to tidy the room, sweep up the floor, and sit the broom in its accustomed place behind the door. Then with emotions in my heart...I gently closed the door and faced it with faith in God and with no less assurance of the ultimate establishment of the Gospel in the West and of its true, enduring principles, than I had felt in those trying scenes in Missouri."

"We hurried to pack some food, cooking utensiles, clothing and bedding, which was afterward unpacked and strewn over the ground by the mob as they searched for firearms. Mother had some bread already in the kettles to bake. Of course she didn't have time to bake, so she hung it on the reach of our wagon and cooked it after we crossed the Mississippi River."

"Those of us who can remember when we were compelled to abandon Nauvoo when the winter was so incliment know how dark and gloomy the circumstances of the Saints were, with the mob surrowing our outer settlement and threatening to destroy us and how trying it was to the faith of the people of God. The word was to cross the Mississippi and to launch out into the unknown wilderness-to go where-no one knew. Who knew anything of the terror of the journey thither, or of the danger that might have to be met and contended with? Who knew anything about the country to be traversed? Moving out with faith that was undisturbed by its unknown terrors. It was by faith that this was accomplished."

"I was in Nauvoo on the 26th of May 1846 for the last time, and left the city of the Saints feeling that most likely I was taking a final farewell of Nauvoo for this life...I looked  upon this temple and city as they recided from view and asked the Lord to remember the sacrifices of His Saints."

Nauvoo Temple
This would be the last view Wilford Woodruff would have seen of the temple.
The temple was burned down and then a tornado took down the remaining walls.
This temple was rebuild.

"Some had covers drawn over their wagons while others had only a sheet drawn over a few poles to make a tent. Sometimes these rude tents were the only coverinng for them, while keeping the watchman post in the darkness of the night....I wept over the distressed conditions of the Saints, toward the dim light of many a flickering lamp have my eyes been directed becaused of the crying of the children, the restless movements of the aged, infirm and mournful groan of many suffering from fever.  These have made an impression on my mind which can never be forgotten."

The Mighty Mississippi River
This is where they crossed the Mississippi on their journey West....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another day in the neighborhood

I'm just a little slow in updating this sorry...time just gets away from me...I don't know where the month has gone!!!Guess I'm working too much and too hard!!!Here's a few pictures I was able to down load for your enjoyment and mine...I love to look back and see these pictures...

Spring has sprung here in Nauvoo!!

 The 2 set of horses for the wagons....

Our friends from back home....Starrs, Meiers, ande us posing as if were some super stars!!

Quilts from the quilt show we went to a couple of weeks ago...

so beautiful....the pieces can be sewn on the Machine but the quilting has to be all done by hand...

Almish community Quilt show...

beautiful water fall...this is right out side of Nauvoo...Called David's Chamber
Pop Corn popping on the Cherry Tree!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Tour Begins April 2, 2012

 Today our Tour  begins with the Nauvoo Temple.  This picture was taken at sunset here in Nauvoo. 
Welcome to the Cultural Hall

Construction of the hall began in 1842 under the supervision of Lucius Scovil, owner of the bakery next door. The hall was completed and dedicated by Hyrum Smith in April 1844.  The first floor were where the plays and concerts were held. Also, the first and second floors of this hall were used for Church and business meetings, funerals, court sessions, schools, and various functions of the Nauvoo Legion and the local police. Now the first floor has a nightly play put on by the senior missionaries called "Rendezuous on Old Nauvoo"

 The Second floor now has a quilt display from that time period.

In the winter of 1845-1846 the hall was used as a place to construct wagons for the Mormon exdous west. The hall passed out of the ownership of the Latter-Day-Saints in 1846.  At a sheriff's auction in 1851, the hall was sold for $4.47. In 1884 a family named Mulch bought the hall. Due to years of neglect and deterioration, the family removed the third flood and made other structural changes. The building became a private residence. Later it was used as an apartment house. The Church bought the hall in 1967 and restored it back to it's orginial building.  When they removed the roof that had once been the third floor they found the orginial floor which is still there today. The third floor was used by the Masonic Lodge, they held meetings, dances, and banquets.  Also, the Nauvoo Brass Band performed from the balcony.

Sister Wasson, one of the tour guides.
Me, being the other tour guide. I hope you enjoyed your tour today of the Cultural Hall in Old Nauvoo!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Old Nauvoo

I know it's been awhile since I've updated my here's a few pictures...

Our first Sunday here we went on a tour in the town of Carthage, This is our whole group of new missionaries that came in last saturday, plus the Presidency, (back row: President Gilliland, President Barlow, and President Samon) don't know what order their in...and I know they were there with us...but I can't point them out to you.  For those of you that don't know about Carthage Illinois this is where Joseph Smith and his brother were killed by a the mob...we toured the jail...I have to say it was heart hear the story....
Elder Nemeck and Elder Meire.

The kitchen in our small but humble home for the next 6 months.

Our living room..well most of it..

My first day in my 'site clothes' I get to start doing tours (for the next 3 days)White aprons are worn when we give tours in the homes.  As I did in the John Taylor Home and will do again tomorrow.

A close up...white hair, white face, and white hat...but that's the way the people looked in the 1840s.

Now this is a picture to keep! it was all I could do to get Elder Nemecks picture...we have to work on that smile..He really was happy and excited to work in the Blacksmith/Wainwright Shop...

So now I've got you pretty much up to date...we are so busy we can't believe it...we are in bed usually by 8:30 and up  at 5 or 5:30 each morning...7 days  a week...retirement it's not...but we love our mission and being here in Old Nauvoo!!


Here we are at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo UT.  These are our two friends Sister and Elder Meire.  They also are serving in Nauvoo.  We know them from our home town (they live there too)..I had 8 days of intensive training.... We came away with so much excitement and ready to serve this mission...We had 38 missionaries all serving in Nauvoo, that's 19 couples,  We all will report on the 17th of March.  Thursday morning we made out trek across interstate 80 to Nauvoo...Happy as can be...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our journey has begun

The time has finally come...we're off to Nauvoo...follow our footsteps as we make our Journey...

President Baird, myself, and my companion. We are now known as Elder and Sister Nemeck. And yes, we call each other Elder and Sister in public (in private never mind what we call each other, it's all good)

The pioneers in 1846 packed their handcarts with their worldly possessions and on their way they had to lighten their load by dropping things off as they moved Westward. Now we on the other hand packed our handcart (Dodge Caravan) with our worldly possessions and will be dropping off some of our supplies (dogs, dog beds, dog food, etc) in Utah with our daughter Margo who is so willing to take care of Barney and Sadee for 6 months...(Thank you Margo and family a great blessing will be coming your way) we will then be Eastward bound after spending a week with Margo and family, and getting some training from the Missionary Training Center in Provo (9 days) The Saints (Pioneers) were looking to the future...We are lucky enough to go back in time 1840s and share what we have learned from the experiences they had in Nauvoo. And so our Journey Begins!

Each picture show how we have started our 'trek' to Nauvoo... Coeur d' Alene, Idaho to Interstate 90 East through Missoula. See our sign almost time to make our turn off on Interstate 15 just before we get to Butte, Montana.

My cute companion of 47 years and a new missionary!

Pocatella Idaho, this will be our stop off for the night. That's where I'm at now!!

We are lucky to have a warm room, a warm bed, a salad and chicken nuggets (from BK of course) and Milk to drink...while the Pioneers had very little to eat and went to bed hungry,and slept on the cold ground with little if any covers to keep them warm.

Tomorrow morning we will continue onward to Utah...Time to get some sleep!

Night all...hope you enjoyed our first day of our journey. Pleasant dreams!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time's Going Fast!

Well, guess it's about time to post another entry. It was just a little over a month ago I made my first posting. At that time we had 6 weeks before we planned to leave, now it's down to 9 days and a list of things still to do 3 miles long! I go to bed sleep for about 4 hours and then wake up and start stressing out thinking about all that still needs to be done... We have music to learn, words to memorize, forms to fill out, and shots to get..and then all that needs to be packed (haven't really started that yet) But I do have a travel room set up collecting some of the stuff as we think about it. I've been busy sewing some of our clothing for the 1840s....some we'll rent when we're there and they have what they call 'loaners' and some things we will be able to buy like the collars for the womens dresses, hats for both men and women, petticoats, and ties.
We have music to learn, words to memorize, forms to fill out, books to study, driver licenses to get, tags for the van, and shots to get just to list a few things still on our list. We are so excite for this experience. Just can't believe it's almost time for us to go...Now if the weather will hold off and the roads stay clear so we can have a safe trip...what more could we ask for. Oh did I mention that we have 2 other couples (friends) that will be going to Nauvoo too? So you can just bet that we will be having the time of our lives! You're never too old for adventure!

This is what we call our "Travel Room" as we think of the things that need to go with us...this is the room where we put all our, hangers, electrial strips, socks, etc. Doesn't look like much but trust me there is alot of things not seen in the picture...

These are just a few of the things I've been working on. I went to the thrift store and bought the shirts, removed the collars, in the middle are 3 of the 5 vests I made for my Paul, and on the right are 3 of the 7 aprons I've made to go with my dresses. What's missing from this picture that I've completed is a white shirt (I took the sleeves off and added an addition strip to make the sleeves fuller), 2 petticoats,and 5 pairs of pants I had to take the labels off of...

Just the first 16 or so pieces in the closet will be going with me... I won't even show you Paul's closet!!! We'll see now when we really start packing all this into suit cases just how much we will be able to take with us...Should be interesting!! Besides clothing we have household things we will need to take...we do have a list as to what will be in the hopefully we will be able to keep control over this part of our packing...

Well, just a quick update as to the next step in our journey...We whistle while we work, and smile alot, and are ready to make these memories!! Til my next posting...Keep your faith, know that we are lucky to live in this great country, and that God is on our side always as long as we do what we're suppose to!!! take care...